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For Chastity Mistresses, heaven is pets locked up and chaste.. Once that cage slides on, and the lock clicks shut, she knows everything is about her. For the first few days, the orgasms and pleasure he’s giving up may compete with the pleasure she seeks and wants. But after a while, his sole focus is on what she needs and what she desires. With his cock locked, there’s no question that he’s not dividing his time between his pleasure and hers. Continue reading The Five Stages of Chastity.

Now, there are two types of milking. There’s prostate milking – which is the act of massaging the prostate and draining every drop of cum out of a slaves balls – without allowing them to orgasm! And then there is the other type, and it’s the one I want to talk about here, cock milking. That’s when I take a pet’s cock and stimulate him to orgasm. Sometimes it is a ruined orgasm.  Sometimes it’s a full release. And sometimes, one orgasm just isn’t enough! Read more about Milking a Cock in Chastity.

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