The Five Stages Of Chastity


For Chastity Mistresses, heaven is pets locked up and chaste. For the pet, the stages of chastity might be hell. Once that chastity cage slides on and the lock clicks shut, the Mistress knows everything is about her. For the first few days, the orgasms and pleasure he’s giving up may compete with the pleasure she seeks and wants. But after a while, his sole focus is on what she needs and what she desires. With his cock locked, there’s no question that he’s not dividing his time between his pleasure and hers.


Those First Few Days Of Chastity Are Hell

For you anyway, right? Until now, you just jerked off whenever you felt like it. You asked for cock control, though. Begged and pleaded for it actually and she decided the only way she would do that is with complete control. So she locked up your cock. And for those first few days, every time you saw a sexy woman on the street, that dick tried to get hard. But the painful swelling reminded you of what you had given up to be with her. Later, each night as you lay in bed thinking sexy thoughts, your hand wandered down to start stroking… and each time it bumped up against that cock cage. And each time you wondered, “What have I done?”


First Comes Denial And Anger… The First of the Stages of Chastity 

Just as you’d pass through the stages of grief, you will be mourning the lost ability to jack off. And the first stage is denial. Do you really believe you allowed her to lock your cock away so that only she could play with it? Well, you did! And then comes anger. How could I have been so horny, so filled with lust, that I let her put my dick in a chastity cage? What was I thinking? Maybe you become a bratty sub, acting out, misbehaving. I know. It’s just a stage you have to pass through.


The Bargaining Stage Of Chastity Is Really Fun!

Oh, you’d do anything if I just took that cage off and let you stroke. You’ll let me dress you in pretty pink panties, give you pointers in sucking a real man’s cock – they’re never locked up like your poor, pathetic penis! – or give you a buggering you won’t soon forget. And the whole time, you’re promising me you’ll always be attentive to my needs, if I’ll just take off the cage and let you cum… just this one time. But, I know pets like you who need the ultimate in cock control must be locked up.


Oh No, Depression… (really?)

After all that teasing, followed by my locking your denied cock back into its tiny little cage, you begin to get depressed. Will she ever let me cum again or am I just going to be denied forever? Thankfully, continued tease and denial sessions, with me always holding out the promise that this time, maybe, this just might be the occasion when I let you shoot all that pent up cum, seems to bring you out of your funk… and on to the final stage.


Acceptance – Accept Your Place In Chastity

Finding that place of acceptance is a huge step and one we both will welcome. When you’ve accepted that I’m going to keep you locked in chastity forever, that I may never let you cum again, that your sole purpose in life is to please your Mistress and cater to her desires, that’s when your Chastity Hell will become Chastity Heaven.


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