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I've got a piece of information for you that you'll likely appreciate as you contemplate your sentence in My chastity hell. It has scientific veracity, so you can trust it:

As long as W/e include occasional prostate milking in your chastity program, you'll be perfectly fine, medically speaking, if you never ejaculate again.

That wasn't encouraging to you?

It was to Me.

Maybe you'll like this piece of chastity inspiration better:

Your sentence in chastity hell begins not with the click of the padlock, but when you begin to suffer for Me.

Isn't that delightful? I can't remember where I picked that up, somewhere on the internet, I suppose. But it resonates with Me.

And if you proceed, it had better resonate with you.

At the beginning, you'll only notice the foreign cock locked sensation. That is, if you've chosen your cage thoughtfully. It might take some getting used to, usually a few days. But that's not suffering.

Soon you might forget the cage is there. You'll master sitting down for the call of nature. You'll begin to sleep soundly through the night. The hygiene routine will begin to dovetail nicely with everything else you do to get ready for your day.

But then you'll start to get horny.

You'll reach for that cock you stroked at will in the past, only to be reminded with the feel of its compact but unyielding bulk through your clothes that it's secured. You might experience a momentary fit of impatience.

But that's not suffering, either.

If I had to pinpoint it, I'd say that suffering for Me, true, delicious chastity torment, begins the first time you need to actively distract yourself from how full your balls are. From persistent, intrusive, sexy thoughts that make you swell in your cage.

Or maybe when you furtively try to rub up against some inanimate object, or give the device a jiggle with your hand, to see if you can somehow generate enough stimulation to allow you to cum. And then, when you experience the helpless, almost tearful frustration because you can't.

Maybe the beginning of your sentence should be marked from the first time you call Me to beg for release, and you're not only obligated to absorb My "no", but also, the dawning realization that I'm enjoying your desperation.

I think that's when your sentence in chastity hell begins.

As for how long it will last?

Well, that depends. W/e can discuss that when you get in touch with Me to negotiate terms. But understand, the Me you meet during the negotiation period is as empathetic as I'll ever be.

Be sure to listen to My audio sample above, where it says "Hear My voice". It includes some important points regarding My requirements as your warden in chastity hell.

Then it's simply a matter of turning yourself in.

Chastity Hell, Extreme Chastity Phone Sex (800) 601-6975



Ever wonder how to prove to your Chastity Phone Sex Mistress that you are still locked in Chastity?


Why Chastity Hell Chastity Phone Sex Mistresses? We’ll tell you why!

The world is full of “sensual mistresses,” and they have their place. But there are some submissives who want, need and crave something more sinister and sadistic. Correspondingly, there are some Dommes who find it impossible to muster any element of sensuality when it comes to the training and handling of submissive men.

The latter is our preference and philosophy at Interrogation Hell. We don’t feel “sensual” when a slave is kneeling at our feet. Understandably, we don’t wish to share a tender moment with the kneeling pig. No, a subservient submissive elicits all kinds of cruel, mean feelings in the minds and hearts of the Mistresses of Hell. So if you need a Hell Mistress, this is where you belong.


A Chastity Hell Mistress


Now “mean” is not about yelling and screaming and barking orders. Granted, there will be sessions with certain submissives that will require that—this we know. But more often “mean” involves something much more intricate, much deeper. As a matter of fact, the cruelest, most effective words and commands may be uttered in a voice no louder than a whisper. To clarify, we are experts at gauging your needs, and handling you exactly as you need to be handled to maximize your subservience and obedience.

You may think you’ve experienced a Chastity Phone Sex Mistress before now. Maybe she sent you to bed without an orgasm. Maybe she made you whack your balls with a hairbrush. But true cruelty takes time and skill. Fortunately, we are willing to invest that time, and devote our vast skill, toward your submission, your control, your demise.


Chastity Phone Sex: Why?


Because we are very, very mean Mistresses. Check your sensuality at the door—there is no place for it here. There is only room for Hell.

Give one of our Chastity Phone Sex Mistresses a call, today!