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If you enter Chastity Hell, be prepared. You may think you know what chastity is about. Maybe you've been in chastity for a few weeks, or even a few months. That's just chastity, my pet. In Chastity Hell, you?d better be prepared to Never. Cum. Again!

I will lock away that cock. You can be assured that your chastity cage won't be some cheap, plastic device you can easily get out of. I might just use my Kali?s Teeth on you. Imagine the pain every time you get hard, those spike digging in to your tender flesh.

Oh, and you will get hard. Looking at pictures of me. Reading about how I tease, edge and finally allow release for my pets who haven't yet come here to Chastity Hell. Wishing all the time it was you.

There will be lots of teasing?always ending in denial. You see, you asked for this, asked to be kept here in my special world of denied and chaste men. We?ll unlock that cock regularly, and as you bask in the relief of no longer having to endure that biting torment, I'll tell you to start stroking yourself. I'll bring you to the edge so many times, you'll lose count. And when you're a whining puddle on the floor, I'll just slip that cage right back on. Imagine the horror of hearing that ?click? as your cock is denied yet again.

We can't allow all that cum to back up, or those blue balls to explode, now can we? So, expect to feel my fingers slipping deep inside you, rubbing that prostate and massaging all that pent up fluid out of you. I might even allow you a ruined orgasm...say once a year. Does your birthday or Christmas work better for you?

Full release? Not for you. There are no orgasms in Chastity Hell ? well, except for mine!



Chastity Hell, Extreme Chastity Phone Sex (800) 601-6975


Chastity for Life

by Ms. Constance of


You never knew chastity could be this extreme. In your wildest fantasies, you never thought there was a woman so confident and so superior to you that she would actually lock your dick in a tiny chastity device.  And keep you locked up for life! Yet, here you are!


She Deemed your Dick Unworthy


You actually thought you had a chance with her when you two first met.  Then, after one short evening of teasing your dick and making you weak, you knew you would do anything, just to be near her. For her, though, after that night of teasing your dick, she realized that it is not up to her standards at all.

In fact, your dick is unworthy of ever being used again. She used her sexy charm to get you to try on that chastity device.  And, of course, you went along with it, thinking “this is kinky and exciting” … that is until she laughed after clicking that lock and said, “Now your dick is mine forever!”


Too Late to Change your Mind


You instantly freaked out in your mind. What does she mean, “hers forever?” She began to explain that this is your new life.  Your unworthy cock belongs in chastity, never to be released.

You realized she meant business and to your horror you felt your unworthy dick TRY to get erect, only to be met by the metal cage holding you back, causing you a bit of discomfort. She told you that it was too late to go back now- what’s hers is hers, and you will never feel the throb of an erection again!


Your Focus is Now on Her


She explains your new role in her life- that you will now focus on HER needs, HER wants, and HER desires only.  Of course, with your unworthy dick locked up tight in chastity, those annoying, distracting erections will never get in the way again!

Your goal now is to please her in any way she asks.  Importantly, you will never complain or whine, and no matter what the task is, you will do it with enthusiasm.  And equally important, to the very best of your ability. Of course, in your mind, you think doing so will somehow change HER mind, but… ohhh you couldn’t be more wrong!


Begging Only Makes Her More Determined


You thought by begging, pleading, and even trying to bribe her, that she might change her mind. But, not surprisingly, that backfired. No expensive gift, no amount of ass worship, nothing  sways her one little bit.

In fact, she is more determined than ever to keep you locked in chastity! She gives you praise when you do well.  At first, you mistakenly thought she was softening and thinking about unlocking your denied dick… Once again- you were wrong!


Permanent as in “for LIFE”


After months of denial and chastity, she explained to you her goal- chastity for life. Yes, LIFE. As in, the rest of yours- day and night – with no exceptions, not even when traveling. She told you there is no law against a chastity device. Consequently, you just have to explain to the screeners that you are locked in a metal device.  And to be sure, experience the humiliation of being locked in chastity.

Finally, you learned that your place is as her chastised, denied slave. Your life now has new meaning- in fact, your life is more fulfilling now that you don’t have that little dick getting hard and distracting you from your real purpose: serving her.

Now, you just need to accept that permanent is a lifelong thing and that nothing you say or do can change her mind. You are officially in chastity hell!!!!

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